What is Operating System? And How Many Types of Operating Systems .

What is an Operating System?

In today's world of information technology, the computer is a much-needed practical electronic device. Which can solve the work of more than one person in a very short time. An operating system is software that is the lifeblood of a computer. Computer machinery simplifies the language to control the input / output execution of the program and perform the tasks of scheduling, debugging, input/output control, accounting, compilation, storage assignment, data management, and ancillary tasks. In a word, by inputting the information given to us, they process it and give us the result, that is, they output it.

What is Operating System?

 An operating system is software that controls the execution of a computer program called an operating system. Computer machinery simplifies the language to control the input/output execution of the program and perform the tasks of scheduling, debugging, input/output control, accounting, compilation, storage assignment, data management, and ancillary tasks. So the operating system.

Simply put, "the other system used to operate a system is the operating system." The function of an operating system is to connect and operate the hardware. Below are the names of several operating systems.

Operating system name

  1. Windows operating system ( Windows 10, Windows xp, Windows 98, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 )
  2. Linux operating system (Linux  OS)
  3. Mac operating system (Mac OS)
  4. Android operating system (Android OS)
  5. Haiku operating system (Haiku OS)
  6. Aros operating system (Aros OS)
  7. React operating system (React OS)
  8. Infarno operating system (Infarno OS)
  9. Kolibri operating system (Kolibri OS)
  10. JNODE operating system
  11. Syllable operating system

Names of a few operating systems

There are many operating systems in the current market. But it can be said that Microsoft has dominated the world of operating systems from the very beginning. Microsoft is really brilliant with the updated versions of their operating systems to keep pace with the times. Daily new version.

  • Windows 10,   
  • Windows xp,
  • Windows 98, 
  • Windows 7
  • Vista,
  • Windows 8, 
  • Windows 8.1 
In our country, most PC users use Microsoft's operating system. However, the current new generation is interested in seeing the OS of other companies besides Microsoft, such as: Linux, Mack, etc. In addition to these, there are many other operating OS that different companies may not know about. I will discuss some of those operating systems below. Before that we will know about some mobile operating systems.

Haiku operating systems

One such OS is haiku. An operating system called BeOS came on the market in the late 1990s. But they gave in to Microsoft, which at one time lost the operating system. But in the end, they brought a new OS called Haiku, much like BeOS. Later designers designed it in a simpler and more modern way keeping in mind the needs of the users so that a user can easily use it. So its interface is very simple and simple and fun. It has also been further updated since then so it is fast, easy to use and enjoyable.

Haiku operating systems

Mobile operating system

At present the dominance of mobile is much higher. New smart phones are coming in the market and these smart mobile phones are controlled by different operating systems. The most popular operating systems for mobile phones today are Android OS, iOS for iPhone or iPad, Firefox OS, Windows OS, etc.
Mobile operating system

Almost everyone knows about the OS that I discussed above. Let's take a look at some of the OS that we usually have a little bit of an idea about.

React operating system (React OS)

It was first named Free Win95 when it was created. Their main goal was to create an open source clone of Windows 95. The designers wanted to decorate it in imitation of Windows 95. In 2004, they released version 0.2.0 of React OS so that almost all Windows software can be used. It is similar to Windows 95 in size, type and usage. Currently the 0.3.12 version of this OS is available in the market.

Aros operating system (Aros)

In the late 1980's, an operating system called Amiga became quite popular. But as a result of the bankruptcy of the manufacturer Commodore, the OS disappeared from the market. Later, the operating system called Arrows was created like Amiga. There are many versions of the Amiga operating system.

Aros operating system (Aros)

Inferno operating system (Inferno)

Its programmers claim that it took more than a decade to create this operating system. Their purpose was to give an operating system to the users so that everything could be shared wherever they wanted.

Inferno operating system (Inferno)

Kolibri operating system (Kolibri OS)

It is an ambitious operating system. This operating system is written in full assembly language. It has all the facilities including multitasking, graphical desktop, IP networking, USB support, media playback. All in all a very nice operating system in size, type and use.

Kolibri operating system (Kolibri OS)

Dex  operating system (Dex OS) 

Just think of an operating system where everything in Windows will be together. One such operating system is Dex Os. For those looking for a desktop computer operating system like Zara Android, there is no alternative.

Dex  operating system (Dex OS)

Free VMS operating system (Free VMS)

Unix's main rival in the seventies and eighties was this operating system. This operating system became popular at that time for stability, speed and security. But later it was lost again.

Free VMS operating system (Free VMS)

JNODE operating system

JNODE is a JAVA Based operating system and is primarily for desktop computers. The main purpose of this operating system was to run all types of JAVA apps. Currently, version 0.2.8 of this operating system is available.
JNODE operating system

Syllable operating system

The complete exception is Syllable, a religious and independent operating system. It is very different from other operating systems. The desktop is very beautiful in a variety of colorful designs and its performance is also very good.

Syllable operating system

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