Computer Mouse Advanced Settings

 A  Computer Mouse is a piece of hardware used to operate a computer. Using the mouse we control various computer software and manage the computer software. Today we will discuss the advanced settings of the mouse in Windows 10. Let's not look at the following part after Let's.

Mouse Advance Setting

To set the advanced setting of the mouse, go to Start from your desktop, search by typing Mouse setting and open it. Or go to Settings from the Start menu.

Computer Mouse Advanced Settings

After entering the Settings, click on the Devices text above. After clicking, the option like the picture below will come out. I am discussing using Windows 10 in my case.

Computer Mouse Advanced Settings

After clicking on the mouse option, an option like the one on the right side of the image above will come out. Now click on Additional mouse options. After clicking, the following window will open.

Mouse Properties

See picture above. There are several menus. We will discuss using this menu step by step below.

At first there is an option like the picture above after clicking on the Button menu. From there we can determine. I will not work with the left mouse button, I will work with the right mouse button. To do this, tick the Switch primary and secondary buttons. You can work with the right mouse button.

Mouse Pointers Setting

If you use the pointer icon while typing on PC, select one of the icons from the top to set Plus, Busy, Help Select or other icons. After selecting, click on Browse text and select the icon of your choice. Then click on Apply. You will see that your pointer icon will change.

Pointer Options

Many times it is quite difficult to find the mouse pointer. In that case we can set some default icons automatically from Pointer Options. E.g.,

Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box.

If you tick this, the pointer of the same mouse will be doubled.

Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key Tick this option and click on Apply option. Then press CTRL from the keyboard. You will see a round wave coming out of your mouse pointer.

Wheel Options

Setting this option allows you to determine how fast your mouse's round wheel will move up and down.

In the upper part, we can use the mouse in different ways by adjusting the advanced settings of the computer mouse.

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