Why and how to do a virtual machine or PC

 As_the days go by, the_ need for more than one machine or computer, in short PC, is increasing. And the demand for these multiple machines or PCs can be a bit older than the virtual machine (VM for short). So let's find out what this virtual machine or PC is?

What is a virtual machine or PC

In the introduction, you got an idea of what this virtual computer or machine might be. When another computer or machine is created using software inside a physical computer (which requires hardware), they are called virtual machines.

Then it can be said that. 

Inside a physical machine, another machine that is created using software is a Virtual Machine or VM for short.

And on these machines, you can install and run any type of operating system.

Many of you may use software to run the Android operating system on a PC. And that's actually creating a virtual Android operating system on your computer.

Why do you need a Virtual Machine?

The need can actually be the same for each person. For example, if you are a student, you need another machine to try new things. Or, if you want to test something on multiple platforms (operating systems), you will need a VM or Virtual Machine.

Again, if you work with a server or want to run a server in addition to the normal work of your machine or computer, then you will need a virtual computer.

In a word, a virtual machine is used to run one or more machines inside a machine.

How to create a virtual PC?

Now we will see how to create a virtual computer. So I said at the beginning that another computer or machine is made using the software. So we will install the necessary software on our computer. So I don't know which software is used for this purpose. This software is also called Virtualization Software.

What software is used?

For Windows OS
  • VM Ware Player
  • VM Ware Workstation
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Parallels Desktop

For macOS

  • VM Ware Fusion
  • Parallels Desktop
  • Apple-Boot Camp
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox

For Linux Based OS

  • Redhat Virtualization
  • VM Ware Workstation
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox

The software I have named above is used to install different virtual operating systems depending on the host computer's operating system.

Now we need to know some requirements.

The software that I named to install the virtual operating system does not require a heavy computer to install. Computers with about 4 GB RAM and 40GB Disk Space will run nicely.

But the more powerful your computer is for the guest operating systems that you will run inside them, the better performance you will get.

For example, if you want to run another Virtual Windows 10 inside Windows 10, it is better to have 8GB RAM and a core I series processor.

Virtual computer setup

We will use Oracle VM Virtualbox to create a virtual computer because it is completely free. Download the virtual box from here

After downloading the software, install it just like any other software. Let's see how to set up a virtual computer using a virtual box.

If you run after giving Virtual Box Setup, it will look like the above. From there, click New One to create a new machine. A box called Create Virtual Machine will appear in front of you. Name here—Select Machine Folder, Type, Version.

The video below shows both Ubuntu and Windows. And here I am building a machine for Windows 7.

Note: It is better to keep the Machine Folder in another Drive instead of a C Drive. By doing this, if you ever have to give the operating system to your host computer, your virtual machine will be fine.

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